Healing our relationship with food

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Eating too much or not eating enough is a problem of the soul. It is not food we actually crave. We are hungry for what is unavailable to us emotionally and psychologically, foods that would nourish our broken soul.


Most of us eat emotionally at a times. As our culture is obsessed with food: celebrity chiefs, tasty instagram photos, smug healthy eating food bloggers, eating and cooking are becoming one of the most popular hobbies of our times.


Indeed preparing meals when done with love and care can be healing and grounding. Eating can nurture our souls and bodies. There is nothing alike the experience of creating delicious meal and devouring the results. 


Very often however the picture is not that convincing, especially when eating becomes so intertwined with our emotional difficulties. In a culture that praises lean body and perfection relationship to food becomes even more strained.


Overeating can be about needs we have not recognised and satisfied yet, like fulfilling, authentic relationships, tenderness, reconciliation, support in times of difficulties, satisfying and challenging career, happy sexual life, creativity, good life balance.


Only when we take care of our soul, learn to understand ourselves and attend to our needs the relation to food can become healed.





Change in perspective

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We often live our life on a loop where we are not satisfied with what we achieved and where we are. Deep dissatisfaction with a path, career or relationships we have chosen, caught up in a story of unfulfillment, disillusionment, loss of meaning.


We are choosing to live in pain when we get trapped by our outdated subconscious belief systems, and the stories we are constantly telling ourselves, the blame, guilt, rationalisations.


The only way to move from this place is to acknowledge your pain and then accept full responsibility for your life. It is about transcending difficulties instead of feeling victimised. Such a change in perspective leads to a sense of empowerment, maturity and growth.


There is nothing we can control in life, neither the past, other people, nor the inevitable, but our attitude.


Starting with today’s idea to rephrase your experience and ask yourself what can I learn from this situation? It shifts as to a place of being open to wisdom, solutions, makes us stronger and more connected to life and relationships. 




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Only if you stop you can get access to your intuition which will lead you to a life that has a meaning, to growth and empowerment. We are often so used to being active, achieving, perfecting, pleasing others and conforming to society pressures that we lose contact with ourselves, natural cycles of life and our well being. 


What if all we have is here and now, our journey to better life starts and ends in the present moment.


The way you feel right now is like a reality check. How are you really doing? Do you feel you are enough, whole, relaxed and present in your body, how are you self-relating and what your relationships are like? Do you respect and like yourself?


If you are caring pain or feeling stressed, anxious and burnt out it is a time to do some internal work and reach for help.


Our purpose in life is to grow, enjoy our lives and relationships and it is the best time to take care of it.





When changing feels hard...


When you start a new activity, like morning meditation, running, practising yoga, seeing therapist or anything else that matters, there comes a time when you hit a wall and your internal resistances come up.


Once you start, it feels joyful and you are proud of yourself but after a week or two for some reason you can't be bothered anymore, maybe it is too much of an effort or you don't see the changes or it just that you would rather sit with ice cream and tv show of your choice. Pleasure and comfort are crucial for our wellbeing and assuring that we have, as much as we need, is very wise but letting go of activity we care about is not.


It is in our nature to resist change so when defences come up, it is a time to take a breath, acknowledge excuses and doubts and say to yourself that what you do matters and push through. Go for the next meeting with your therapist although you don't want it badly, sit in meditation for 10 more minutes, practice. You can do it. It can be really hard but this is when the fun starts.


According to neuroscientist, it takes at least 3 month for a brain to create new neurons and form new pathways and if you strengthen them, gradually it will become much easier.


Give yourself a chance. As Gabrielle Roth says 'It takes discipline to be a free spirit'.




wounded child

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Acting out, dependancy, depression, apathy, rage are one of the many symptoms of wounded inner child. As a trunk of a tree is made up of layers gradually build up year after year, we also carry within our personalities layers from different stages of life since the time we were born. Any scars, mistreatments we experienced in the past are present in us, contaminating daily experiences. They bring not only pain but inhibit our capacity for joy,wonder, playfulness, curiosity and uniqueness.


Transpersonal therapy deals with the core of our wounding, with the hurt one experienced in the past. It needs to be processed, grieved and finally healed, bringing us to the discovery of our true nature, the lightness of being.


On becoming whole


What would it be like to say yes to life, to affirm that no matter where I am, who I am and what I have done, my life counts and I will do anything to make it work. I will find peace, joy, meaning, connection to others and the world or whatever it is that is important to you.


We are spiritual, emotional, physical and mental entities and we need to acknowledge all of the dimensions in which we exist but too often we focus on our bodies or intellectual capacities and deny ourselves the right to take care of our spirituality or the world of feelings. Don't take me wrong, I consider physicality or intellect as really important and in fact to be balanced we need to attend to both.


How about committing this year to finding out what gives us meaning and fulfilment, asking ourselves every day what is the true calling of my soul, what am I longing for, what really touches me. What is my heart's desire?


I encourage to contemplate those questions as the morning practice or in nature, when running or walking so we can tune into ourselves and our hearts. Answers will come spontaneously, not necessarily immediately and then it is up to us to follow through.