On becoming whole


What would it be like to say yes to life, to affirm that no matter where I am, who I am and what I have done, my life counts and I will do anything to make it work. I will find peace, joy, meaning, connection to others and the world or whatever it is that is important to you.


We are spiritual, emotional, physical and mental entities and we need to acknowledge all of the dimensions in which we exist but too often we focus on our bodies or intellectual capacities and deny ourselves the right to take care of our spirituality or the world of feelings. Don't take me wrong, I consider physicality or intellect as really important and in fact to be balanced we need to attend to both.


How about committing this year to finding out what gives us meaning and fulfilment, asking ourselves every day what is the true calling of my soul, what am I longing for, what really touches me. What is my heart's desire?


I encourage to contemplate those questions as the morning practice or in nature, when running or walking so we can tune into ourselves and our hearts. Answers will come spontaneously, not necessarily immediately and then it is up to us to follow through.