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Only if you stop you can get access to your intuition which will lead you to a life that has a meaning, to growth and empowerment. We are often so used to being active, achieving, perfecting, pleasing others and conforming to society pressures that we lose contact with ourselves, natural cycles of life and our well being. 


What if all we have is here and now, our journey to better life starts and ends in the present moment.


The way you feel right now is like a reality check. How are you really doing? Do you feel you are enough, whole, relaxed and present in your body, how are you self-relating and what your relationships are like? Do you respect and like yourself?


If you are caring pain or feeling stressed, anxious and burnt out it is a time to do some internal work and reach for help.


Our purpose in life is to grow, enjoy our lives and relationships and it is the best time to take care of it.