When changing feels hard...


When you start a new activity, like morning meditation, running, practising yoga, seeing therapist or anything else that matters, there comes a time when you hit a wall and your internal resistances come up.


Once you start, it feels joyful and you are proud of yourself but after a week or two for some reason you can't be bothered anymore, maybe it is too much of an effort or you don't see the changes or it just that you would rather sit with ice cream and tv show of your choice. Pleasure and comfort are crucial for our wellbeing and assuring that we have, as much as we need, is very wise but letting go of activity we care about is not.


It is in our nature to resist change so when defences come up, it is a time to take a breath, acknowledge excuses and doubts and say to yourself that what you do matters and push through. Go for the next meeting with your therapist although you don't want it badly, sit in meditation for 10 more minutes, practice. You can do it. It can be really hard but this is when the fun starts.


According to neuroscientist, it takes at least 3 month for a brain to create new neurons and form new pathways and if you strengthen them, gradually it will become much easier.


Give yourself a chance. As Gabrielle Roth says 'It takes discipline to be a free spirit'.