Change in perspective

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We often live our life on a loop where we are not satisfied with what we achieved and where we are. Deep dissatisfaction with a path, career or relationships we have chosen, caught up in a story of unfulfillment, disillusionment, loss of meaning.


We are choosing to live in pain when we get trapped by our outdated subconscious belief systems, and the stories we are constantly telling ourselves, the blame, guilt, rationalisations.


The only way to move from this place is to acknowledge your pain and then accept full responsibility for your life. It is about transcending difficulties instead of feeling victimised. Such a change in perspective leads to a sense of empowerment, maturity and growth.


There is nothing we can control in life, neither the past, other people, nor the inevitable, but our attitude.


Starting with today’s idea to rephrase your experience and ask yourself what can I learn from this situation? It shifts as to a place of being open to wisdom, solutions, makes us stronger and more connected to life and relationships.