Healing our relationship with food

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Eating too much or not eating enough is a problem of the soul. It is not food we actually crave. We are hungry for what is unavailable to us emotionally and psychologically, foods that would nourish our broken soul.


Most of us eat emotionally at a times. As our culture is obsessed with food: celebrity chiefs, tasty instagram photos, smug healthy eating food bloggers, eating and cooking are becoming one of the most popular hobbies of our times.


Indeed preparing meals when done with love and care can be healing and grounding. Eating can nurture our souls and bodies. There is nothing alike the experience of creating delicious meal and devouring the results. 


Very often however the picture is not that convincing, especially when eating becomes so intertwined with our emotional difficulties. In a culture that praises lean body and perfection relationship to food becomes even more strained.


Overeating can be about needs we have not recognised and satisfied yet, like fulfilling, authentic relationships, tenderness, reconciliation, support in times of difficulties, satisfying and challenging career, happy sexual life, creativity, good life balance.


Only when we take care of our soul, learn to understand ourselves and attend to our needs the relation to food can become healed.