Ultimate Self-care

In a stressful times, with all the worries and anxieties of modern living we all crave for some relief, peace and nourishment.

There are all kinds of helpful activities we may engage with like running, yoga, dancing, being in nature, mindfulness, pampering and many more.

I would like to, however, focus on the way of approaching self-care, that is the most basic but at the same time the most sophisticated; cherishing an inner attitude to ourselves - compassion and kindness.  But what it really means?!

It is about being gentle towards yourself and your internal processes, being a kind witness to all the internal struggles as opposed to being judgmental or criticizing oneself. It is being kind even if you act out or you don't perform in a way you wish to.

Ultimately it is believing and giving yourself a chance, saying yes, opening to the multitude of the facets we each contain within.

Doing the inner work is crucial for our wellbeing. It may take time and work to grow this warm part in us, support of loved ones or a kind presence of a therapist, who can faciliate and model it for us.